Sleipnir Sunset
Sleipnir Sunset
Why Sustainability?

Because we want to, not because we have to

Carefully balancing between people, planet, and prosperity, that is what Sustainability means for Heerema. Sustainability is an integral part of our identity, embedded in our daily work practices.

Creating sustainable value(s) for clients and stakeholders

Taking the lead towards a more sustainable offshore industry is a natural instinct embedded in our mission. We aim to be part of your sustainable solution.

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Paris Climate Agreement 2015



Sustainable Statistics

250,000 MT

CO2 compensated per year

9 turbines

generating Shore Power

90% NOx

reduction on LNG

4,316 MT

of reused steel in 2020

Our sustainable ambitions

Ambition_Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral since October 2020 by means of compensating, with the aim of net zero GHG emissions by 2025 by preventing and reducing.

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Circular Heerema

Eliminate waste and unnecessary use of resources by means of prevention, reusing, and retaining use of materials.

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Ambition_Caring for People

Caring for People

Taking our Social Responsibility in terms of Health and Well-being, Organization, and our Heerema Culture.

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Sustainability Report 2020

Here you can read about our initiatives, experiences, and impact to get familiar with our way of creating sustainable values(s).

It will be 20 minutes time well spent

“It is a pleasure to work with one of BP’s largest suppliers on carbon reduction”
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A journey towards sustainable achievements

For many years now, Heerema has believed that a responsible company has an obligation to act in a sustainable manner. Our sustainability journey started in 2011, when the first sustainability report was written.

Naturally, much has happened since then. In 2013, the decision was made to outfit the Sleipnir with dual-fuel engines running on LNG (one of the first in the world of its size) and in 2015 Heerema moved to a new office that was heralded as one of the most sustainable offices in the world according to the World Green Building Council. In 2017, with combined efforts from Heerema employees including upper management, a “Sustainability Roadmap” has been created. In 2019, a contract was signed with Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam to fully electrify our vessels, virtually eliminating all emissions. 


of sustainable development with clients and stakeholders

Check out our Sustainability Roadmap
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Let’s talk about your sustainability challenge.

Creating sustainable value(s) for clients and stakeholders, with clients and stakeholders.

Are you joining our sustainable journey?