Creating sustainable value(s)
for clients and stakeholders

Taking the lead towards a more sustainable offshore industry is a natural instinct embedded in our mission. We aim to be part of your sustainable solution, taking into account existing targets and frameworks. Carefully balancing between people, planet, and profit, that is what Sustainability means for Heerema. Sustainability is an integral part of our identity, embedded in our daily work practices.

Sustainability Strategy

To move values into action, we use our Sustainability Ambitions. Based on existing targets and frameworks, they provide focus on our way forward. 

The ambitions set targets on social, environmental, and economic sustainability-related aspects. Ultimately our initiatives move our sustainability agenda forward by creating sustainable values, awareness and involvement.

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Our Sustainability Ambitions


Decarbonizing Heerema by means of optimizing, replacing and offsetting towards Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050.

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Circular Heerema
Circular Heerema

Eliminating waste, pollution, and unnecessary use of resources by means of prevention, reusing, and retaining.

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Caring for People
Caring for People

Taking our Social Responsibility in terms of Health and Well-being, Organization, and our Heerema Culture.

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Healthy Oceans
Healthy Oceans

Contributing to healthy oceans by mitigating, conserving and enhancing our impact on marine life.

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Sustainability Facts

~80% CO2eq

running on HVO

9 wind turbines

generating Shore Power

~80% NOx reduction

running on LNG

Sustainability cover

Sustainability Report 2023

Here you can read about our initiatives, experiences, and impact to get familiar with our way of creating sustainable values(s).

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Creating sustainable value(s) for clients and stakeholders, with clients and stakeholders.

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