Innovation at Heerema

In-house innovation and collaboration with suppliers is essential for becoming more sustainable and tackling the unique challenges offshore projects present

Innovation for offshore wind 

Introducing new solutions to suit your needs

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Wind turbine installation

Our floating installation method for wind turbine generators

  • Preparing for your next-generation wind turbine generators
  • Decreasing project risk and reducing project time
  • No seabed interruption
  • No limitation on water depth
  • Increased flexibility for your project

Innovation for decommissioning

Unique tools for the unique challenges in offshore removal

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Subsea Excavator

Heerema found that existing subsea excavation equipment could sometimes be time-consuming and prone to mechanical issues. 

A dredging tool with a difference

Developed in-house by Heerema's Decommissioning team the Subsea Excavator is designed to efficiently remove soil around jacket foundations to allow external leg and pile cutting activities using a diamond wire-cutting machine.


Dredging time reduction in similar soils

Subsea excavator (8)
Subsea Excavator

A dredging tool with a difference

Transport and Installation

We continuously improve by introducing new methods that suit the needs of our clients

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Internal Lifting Tool installation

Our installation method of using Internal Lifting Tools (ILTs) removes the need for offshore hook-on

  • Reduces fabrication costs of steel structures for rigging support
  • No engineering required from Heerema or fabricator for support frames
  • Using ILTs means no large space claims for topsides
  • Logistic costs of rigging removed
  • No need for storage and handling of rigging

Our quadlift installation method enables the installation or removal of extra-large topsides or jackets

  • Design freedom for all dimensions, weights, and center of gravity positions
  • Offshore installation for structures up to around 30,000 metric tons
  • Fabrication flexibility for clients to design fully integrated decks
  • Onshore commissioning for all hook up items for predictable offshore delivery
  • Transportation of fully-commissioned topside directly to installation site
  • Compatibility with any type of foundation

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