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Within our Net-Zero ambition we aim at Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by focusing on the pillars Optimizing, Replacing and Offsetting.


Decarbonization at Heerema

Our Net-Zero ambition is translated in
the Net-Zero Roadmap. The roadmap outlines our aim at Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by focusing on our three decarbonization pillars.


HMC Sustainability Ambition Net-Zero


Heerema's Net-Zero pillars & projects

Aegir OSS jacket Greater Changhua

Reducing emissions by optimizing our fuel use and increasing efficiency.

Thialf and Sleipnir on Shore Power at the Calandkanaal (2)

Eliminate emissions by replacing fuel with alternative power systems.

Shore Power
28-06 Sleipnir HKZ beta installation

Implement and invest in projects and technologies to offset remaining emissions.

Heerema Net-Zero Ambition

Our journey towards a Net-Zero Heerema

Sustainability is a key topic for the present and future of our company. Based on our continued commitment to sustainability, the board is engaged regularly to assess progress and to validate the resources against our current and future targets.
Philippe Barril CEO Heerema Marine Contractors

Recently answered questions

What are your near-term and long-term targets on emission reduction?

Our near-term target is to reduce 35% by 2030, our long-term target is a Net-Zero Heerema by 2050. You can read all about our targets and reduction plans in our Climate Plan

How does Heerema define Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions?

In line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Heerema reports emissions on Scope 1 and Scope 2. Scope 3 emissions reporting is under development. Ultimately the entire footprint of Heerema, including relevant scope 3 emissions, will need to be reduced to Net-Zero.

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Cees Dijkhuizen

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