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Our Circular Heerema ambition is translated in the Circular Roadmap. The roadmap outlines our aim to eliminate waste and unnecessary use of resources by focusing on the pillars Prevent, Reuse, and Retain.
These pillars are derived from the MacArthur Foundation's 9R's framework, facilitating an overview of circular strategies.


Jotun-B jacket removal Sleipnir 2020 (3) Low Res
Ketch and Schooner being installed
“We are especially pleased to contribute to the circularity of the project by being the installation and removal contractor, which is in line with our own sustainable circular ambitions.”
Michel Hendriks Decommissioning Director
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Recently answered questions

How is waste management done on board Heerema vessels?

Waste management on board Heerema vessels is not only regulated by several MARPOL regulations, but also internal waste management procedures. In general, Heerema states that no garbage shall be discharged into the sea with the exception of food waste in accordance with the provisions of MARPOL 73/78 Annex V - Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships. No garbage shall be discharged into a treatment system unless such system is designed, constructed and approved for treating such garbage in accordance with the requirements of MARPOL 73/78 and pertaining Annexes and Guidelines. Garbage shall be separated, treated and packed as to allow further processing in accordance with sound environmental practice at a minimum of cost.

What are the different waste categories?

On board our vessels garbage is separated into the following categories according to MARPOL:

A.        Plastics  

B.         Food wastes  

C.         Domestic Wastes  

D.        Cooking Oil  

E.         Incinerator ashes

F.         Operational wastes

G.        Animal Carcass(es)

H.        Fishing Gear  

I.         E-waste

Do you have other scopes where waste is being managed?

Yes, also our offices and yards manage their waste streams. This waste management includes different categories since working conditions differ per scope. 

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