Offshore wind

Wind turbine installation

With our versatile fleet and innovative installation methods we deliver solutions that fit your needs for wind turbine installation

  • Preparing for your next-generation wind turbine generators
  • Decreasing project risk and reducing project time
  • No seabed interruption
  • No limitation on water depth
  • Increased flexibility for your project

Why install with a floating vessel?

The offshore wind industry is projected to produce 228 GW by 2030, enough to power over 68 million homes. These projects will be at greater water depths and with larger wind turbine generators. Heerema is bringing new solutions for new challenges

Heerema's floating installation method

Heerema’s installation method avoids all interaction with the seabed, by utilizing a floating installation vessel to assemble the wind turbine generator components. The installation vessel will remain in the field, where it will load in the turbine components from feeder vessels.

This provides great logistical flexibility as well as a continuous installation cycle. The semi-submersible platform provides for a highly stable platform where the wind turbine is pre-assembled.

After the pre-assembly onboard, the turbine will be installed on the foundation. Whilst bolting the turbine on the foundation, the next turbine assembly will commence.

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