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Floating Wind Installation Strategy

Our client needed a realistic and cost-effective installation strategy for an early-stage offshore floating wind development without a known turbine rating or floater design.

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Foundation Installation Calcareous Soil

We proved feasibility and developed an installation strategy for a bottom-fixed offshore wind farm in a region with calcareous soil types. 

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Constructability Study - Northern Europe

We supported our client with a realistic and cost-effective installation strategy to bid on two sites in the Northern Europe area.

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Wind Floater Feasibility Assessment

During the early development phase of an offshore floating wind farm, our client required an in-depth analysis of floater feasibility based on transport and installation limitations.

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Offshore Support
Arcadis Ost 1

Our client required offshore support during a novel installation method for offshore wind turbines

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Piling template
Pre-Piling Template

We designed and coordinated the conceptual design of a subsea pre-piling template to monitor and correct pile inclination during offshore installation.

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Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme

Stick building wind turbine generators on-site

The Stick Building Wind Turbine Generators On-Site (SBOS) project, built upon previous projects to further identify and assess innovative methods and technologies to assemble wind turbine generators at the wind farm site. 

We performed this project under the Carbon Trust's Floating Wind JIP

Grillage and Seafastening Redesign

We provided a redesign of a grillage and seafastening system for our client within an ultra-short timeframe. 

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Yard Support
Arcadis Ost 1

Our client required support on the marshalling yard in Rønne for the Arcadis Ost 1 project.

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Constructability Study - Danish North Sea

We provided an optimised installation strategy to enable our client to submit a competitive bid.

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Thialf en route Brae Bravo 3 Low Res
Motion Compensated Gripper Frame

Supporting our client in their development of a motion compensated gripper frame to install XXL monopiles.

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jack up 2
Jack-up Assisted Monopile Installation

Our client needed an investigation into the feasibility of installation monopiles using jack-up vessels alongside a noise mitigation system.

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floater parametric tools
Floater Parametric

Our Floater Parametric Tool helps to commercialise floating wind by delivering a better understanding of design drivers in floater design.

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