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Heerema Engineering Solutions

We offer custom engineering and consultancy services to developers, contractors, and suppliers within the offshore renewable industry, from early-phase development to offshore commissioning.

We support your renewable projects

Heerema Engineering Solutions (HES) serves clients globally in all key renewable markets and focuses on enablingimproving, and de-risking the construction of offshore wind farms.


HES is where theoretical knowledge meets practical experience

Established in 2019 with the ambition to become a leading engineering company serving the offshore renewable sector, we have since gained a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative solutions.

Independent engineering consultancy

As a member of the Heerema Group, our legacy comes from a long history of pushing boundaries, innovating novel methods, and delivering engineering excellence. In that regard, we are committed to further enhancing Heerema's reputation for delivering complex and challenging projects to the highest standards.


Of our team has offshore experience

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Offshore renewable projects successfully completed


of team with offshore experience


Employees across multiple engineering disciplines

We solve challenges for clients within the offshore renewable industry using our extensive knowledge and experience
Silvan Slijpen Commercial Manager - HES
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