Onshore problem solving for offshore projects

Our in-house Simulation Center is a real-time offshore environment where our offshore crew and project teams examine all project aspects and associated risks

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Welcome to the Simulation Center

We remove surprises

Offshore projects need predictable and reliable results. To achieve this, we deliver in-depth planning and investigation. There's nowhere more equipped to prepare for projects than in our Simulation Center. 

Realistic Scenarios
We use 3D models with real component characteristics from our clients to run realistic offshore scenarios. This action can include crane lifts, floatovers, or be used to examine installing modules on existing platforms.

Practical knowledge 
Our offshore crew executes planned operations in the Simulation Center to share their practical knowledge and develop the most efficient and safe methods of execution. 

Offshore Environments
Projects can be located in harsh environments, in remote locations, and with challenging soil profiles. Get peace of mind by examining all environmental aspects in our in-house Simulation Center. 

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