Heerema provides clear and comprehensive policies for our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure we operate responsibly.

Heerema's code of conduct

  • Encourages all employees to implement Heerema's values in their day-to-day work 
  • Be aware of individual impact
  • Creating a working environment based on mutual respect and free from harassment, intimidation, bias, or discrimination of any kind
  • Not engaging in any behavior that contradicts our policies or applicable legislation

Responsible operations

Heerema values quality, health, safety, and the environment above all other business considerations. We ensure all of our operations are conducted according to these values. 

Compliance policies

Our compliance policies help us adhere to standards of loyalty, honesty, integrity, and the avoidance of conflicting interests. They also create awareness and understanding about laws and regulations on a wide variety of topics. 

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