Offshore decommissioning

Jacket and topside removal

With our versatile fleet of vessels we deliver solutions that fit your needs for jacket and topside removals

  • Integrated Engineering, Preparations, Removal, and Disposal (EPRD) solutions
  • Heerema vessels with the capacity to remove structures up to approximately 20,000 metric tons
  • Optimized removal methods, designed to reduce time and utilize vessel lifting capacities
  • Suspended load transport in the vessel cranes to reduce the need for barges
  • Subsea decommissioning activities

Safely removed, now what's next?

The journey doesn't end at removal, we manage the entire disposal scope, and ensure that the project is finalized in line with regulatory requirements. We are proud to say that 98% of structures are safely repurposed or recycled.

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Our team showing onshore loading-in is just as exciting as offshore removal!

Sleipnir Jotun B jacket rmeoval 2020 (2)

Let’s talk about your challenge.

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