Floating Wind

Enabling the future
of offshore floating wind

  • Port comparison analysis - evaluation of storage space and port restrictions
  • Assembly asset screening - land cranes or alternatives in sheltered locations
  • Installation methodology and strategy development - tow to shore or offshore integration
  • Project delay assessment: weather downtime, equipment breakdown, fabrication delay
  • CAPEX estimation - development of a cost estimation tool
  • Feasibility and commercial viability study – Offshore WTG installation

How to ensure sustainable value creation for your floating wind project?

We can help you develop a robust and cost-effective construction and maintenance strategy for your offshore floating wind farm project.

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The next frontier

HES has a dedicated floating wind team who enable clients to de-risk, remove bottlenecks, and improve their floating wind construction strategies at an early stage.

Additionally, our dedicated team explore and assess novel strategies and methodologies for floating offshore wind construction and maintenance.

Solving Challenges

We look at the entire process, and ensure to assess simultaneous operations that match onshore and offshore paces that can impact on the project. 


It's the next step in offshore wind, but how do we commercialise floating wind?

At HES, we believe that developing realistic, robust, and ultimately cost-effective construction strategies at an early phase is essential for the commercialisation of offshore floating wind.

The whole journey

We solve the puzzles associated with floating wind throughout all stages, such as engineering, fabrication and assembly, installation, operations and maintenance, and ultimately decommissioning. 

Reduce costs

We create realistic planning to deliver accurate estimations, and by using a pragmatic, innovative approach, we reduce costs for our clients.


We help clients to debottleneck the maintenance of offshore floating wind farms, including the development of novel major component replacement methodologies. 


HES Experience

Floating Wind Installation Strategy

Our client needed a realistic and cost-effective installation strategy for an early-stage offshore floating wind development without a known turbine rating or floater design.

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Wind Floater Feasibility Assessment

During the early development phase of an offshore floating wind farm, our client required an in-depth analysis of floater feasibility based on transport and installation limitations.

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floater parametric tools
Floater Parametric

Our Floater Parametric Tool helps to commercialise floating wind by delivering a better understanding of design drivers in floater design.

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Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme

Stick building wind turbine generators on-site

The Stick Building Wind Turbine Generators On-Site (SBOS) project, built upon previous projects to further identify and assess innovative methods and technologies to assemble wind turbine generators at the wind farm site. 

We performed this project under the Carbon Trust's Floating Wind JIP