Logistical Analysis

Advancing the offshore wind industry with our logistic simulation tool Metis

  • Fully customisable and adaptable for every client's needs
  • In-house developed over the last four years to suit our clients' needs
  • Discrete parallel event simulation - fabrication, transportation, installation, support spread, weather downtime, and more
  • CO2 estimation to assess project footprint
  • Get insights into the project execution duration, costs, and risks.
  • Optimise your project execution strategy
  • Available as a custom built dashboard

Limitless possibilities

One key feature of Metis is the tool's customisability. Each client has diverse needs, and each project has differing variables that could affect the duration.

We offer reporting and consultancy that demonstrates what scenario will minimize costs, as well as which scenario will result in the most robust and low-risk plan to ensure timely completion of the project.


Identify risks early

We advise clients in the early development phase of offshore renewable projects. Our extensive knowledge in the industry enables our clients to develop their projects sustainably and profitably, identifying risks in an early stage. 

Solving Challenges

We look at the entire process and ensure to assess simultaneous operations that match onshore and offshore paces that can impact the project. 


The global energy transition needs offshore wind, but how can we de-risk projects?

At HES, we believe that developing realistic, robust, and ultimately cost-effective construction strategies at an early phase is essential for the offshore wind industry's success.

Improving projects

We help clients reduce project duration, costs, and weather downtime from the early-bid phase to commissioning.

Providing Insights

We provide insights on construction duration, costs, risks, and critical operations using our advanced logistical simulation software Metis. 

Optimised Strategy

By analysing the project durations, costs, and risks, we optimise project execution strategies to provide our clients the best chance for project completion in a cost-effective and timely manner. 



HES Experience

Constructability Study - Northern Europe

We supported our client with a realistic and cost-effective installation strategy to bid on two sites in the Northern Europe area.

View project
Constructability Study - Danish North Sea

We provided an optimised installation strategy to enable our client to submit a competitive bid.

View project
Floating Wind Installation Strategy

Our client needed a realistic and cost-effective installation strategy for an early-stage offshore floating wind development without a known turbine rating or floater design.

View project
More about Metis

Why was Metis developed?

At HES, we identified that simulating offshore wind operations sequentially is limited and fails to provide insights into complex offshore wind projects involving parallel logistical processes. 

This is why we developed Metis. We wanted a tool that could simulate complex operations to accurately identify challenges, risks, and where potential delays are hidden.


What can you expect?

With its proven track record of success in real-world scenarios, from detailed harbour logistics to multi-year offshore installation campaigns,

Metis is a powerful and comprehensive software tool that can help you make informed decisions based on customisable output.

Metis Dashboard

In addition to engineering consultancy services, we can develop a fully customised Metis Dashboard for our clients. 

Clients can use the Dashboard during the early phase development stage of offshore wind farms to experiment with various parameters.