Project Engineering

Ensuring the successful delivery of your offshore renewable project

02-08 Fecamp project with Sleipnir first GBS installed (10)
  • Software and data engineers
  • Installation engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Hydrodynamic engineers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Project managers
  • Available as a custom built dashboard

20+ years of experience

Our multidisciplinary team ranges from starter level to having over twenty years of experience within the offshore engineering industry. 

This means that we can always ensure we have the correct people for your project. 


Supporting all phases

There are multiple project phases within an offshore wind project, we can support throughout each of these. 

Engineering Consultancy

Throughout the various phases, there are differing levels of engineering detail required and we have the required knowledge and skills in-house to add value throughout.


Early phase development

At HES, we believe that developing realistic, robust, and ultimately cost-effective construction strategies at an early phase is essential for the offshore wind industry's success. 

Innovation Support

Additionally, we provide innovation support engineering to ensure the tools and equipment are designed in accordance with project specifications. 

Construction and Maintenance

By analysing the installation and maintenance durations, costs, and risks, we optimise execution strategies to provide our clients the best chance for project completion and maintenance in a cost-effective and timely manner. We also provide project execution support and can have experienced personnel at fabrication sites, marshalling yards, and onboard installation vessels. 


HES Experience

jack up 2
Jack-up Assisted Monopile Installation

Our client needed an investigation into the feasibility of installation monopiles using jack-up vessels alongside a noise mitigation system.

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Grillage and Seafastening Redesign

We provided a redesign of a grillage and seafastening system for our client within an ultra-short timeframe. 

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