The current projects and research into the use of Carbon Capture & Storage systems are part of the Compensate Pillar within our Carbon Neutral Roadmap. 

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the process of capturing ‘waste’ carbon dioxide from large emitters, usually power plants or cement factories.


Industry studies
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Heerema is participating in several industry studies on ship based carbon capture and storage, of which the DERISCO2 project is one. 
The ultimate goal of DERISCO2 is to prepare the CCS technology for the pilot on board the Sleipnir in the future.

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CCS Sleipnir Render
CCS Sleipnir Render

‘What to do with the CO2?’

The central topic of our research on the supply chain of on-board CCS by Max Buirma. A ‘hybrid solution’ with a large storage tank and separate CO2 containers is proposed. Though many challenges remain to be solved, CCS shows great promise in North-West Europe with existing CO2 demand and upcoming projects such as Northern Lights and Porthos.

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Additional compensation measures
Carbon Neutral Roadmap

Carbon Compensation Projects

October 2020 Heerema became the first major marine contractor to go carbon neutral. We started by investing in certified carbon reduction projects that are already in development with the accredited Climate Neutral Group.

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