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Our Carbon Neutral ambition is translated in the Carbon Neutral Roadmap. The roadmap outlines our aim to reduce footprint and emissions by focusing on the pillars Prevent, Reduce, and Compensate.

First carbon-neutral marine contractor per October 2020

'Heerema announced earlier this year that our mission is to be the leading marine contractor creating sustainable value(s). Our decision to go carbon neutral in 2020 is evidence that we turn our words into actions, and we are proud of this commitment. We have already significantly reduced our carbon footprint with Sleipnir and Shore Power, and going carbon neutral is the logical next step.'

Why start with offsetting in 2020?
We believe in taking action now. The technical and economic challenges of implementing zero-emission technologies on-board our vessels today are virtually unattainable. With a yearly offsetting target, the incentive to reduce emissions is monetized and becomes tangible for everyone. Finally, the offsetting projects will not only compensate for carbon emissions, they contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and help people.

All Heerema emissions (250.000 mT) are fully offset since October 2020. It ensures we are carbon neutral today, without having to wait for 2025. 

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Reduction measures are classified as those that reduce the amount of fuel required, use a cleaner fuel or increase combustion efficiency. Examples are the use of synthetic diesel-fuels or biofuels such as GTL and HVO, and potentially even hydrogen.

An important and successful initiative already undertaken by Heerema is the usage of LNG for the Sleipnir, which significantly reduces local emissions such as NOx, SOx, and Particulate Matter (PM).

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Recently answered questions

What are the 250.000 metric tons based on?

It is based on a historical baseline from scope I emissions and estimated projections towards the future, shown in the figure and tables below. It should be noted that these numbers are updated when more information on our emission factors becomes available.

Scope I emissions for Heerema include emissions due to combustion of fuel from the Sleipnir, Thialf, Balder, Aegir, Kolga and Bylgia, as well as gas usage of all Heerema offices and Flushing yard. These are currently 202,303 [metric tons]. Methane slip from Sleipnir is not (yet) included in these figures. The exact impact is now being verified, and expected to be in the order of 15.000 [metric tons].

Scope II emissions are emissions from electricity use in all Heerema locations. These locations are the Flushing Yard, Houston-, London- and Singapore office. All their emissions combined are estimated at 2,367 [metric tons] at the moment, but are under review and are subject to change. As can be seen however, scope II emissions are orders of magnitude smaller than Scope I emissions and will not significantly influence the ‘baseline’ of 250.000 [metric tons]. Furthermore, it should be noted that  Scope II emissions are based on ‘location-based’ emissions, even in the case of the Leiden office where green power from Vattenfal is used.

The total sum of emissions from 2019 are then 202.795 [metric tons], which is (even when accounting for methane slip) lower than the total amount of emissions that will be offset, i.e. is 250.000 [metric tons]. The baseline is thus a conservative estimate to ensure all Heerema emissions are accounted for in the future. 

What about Heerema’s Scope III emissions?

Heerema has decided to be Carbon Neutral based on scope I and scope II emissions as per the Greenhouse Gas protocol. Critical in Heerema’s commitment is to achieve absolute yearly reductions of carbon emissions in scope I and scope II. Scope III elements are being looked at and elements may be included until 2025. Ultimately the entire footprint of Heerema, including relevant scope III emissions, will need to be reduced to zero.

Which third-party is accountable for execution of the carbon offsetting projects?

Climate Neutral Group will provide these services (link). Founded in 2002 and based in Utrecht, Netherlands and Cape Town South Africa, Climate Neutral Group is one of the longest established and most recognized providers of carbon management and offsetting services in the market. Climate Neutral Group is founding partner and active member of ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance) and Bcorp certified.

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